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To spread awareness about importance of diet in your lifestyle. Diet is the key to fitness

Food and the nutrients obtained from food are vital to keep the body healthy and alive. But food and nutrients mean good food and healthy nutrition. It has now been proven in Medical Science that almost all of the ailments are related to poor diet. Good diet is fundamental to overall health, but what makes more sense is the food best suited to your life style.

It starts with making good food choices, with the inclusion of all five food-groups. The nutritional needs of the human body keep changing throughout the life.

Conditions Addressed

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“Unlock your body-health potential with Swasthnist”

A visit to the clinic is more than just an appointment – it’s a total wellness experience. We offer a full range of services onsite and we can address all of your nutrition requirements.

  • Weight Management
  • Diabetes & Heart Disease
  • Eating Disorders
  • Pediatric Nutrition
  • Coeliac Disease
  • Digestive Issues
  • Fertility, Pregnancy & Menopause
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How to Protect Yourself

Consult With Nutritionist
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Check Calories
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Take Healthy Diet
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Running For Health
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Change Your Life

Nutritionist Pune

The body is a sanctum, but only if you treat it as one.”

“It all starts with selecting healthy eating choices that include all five food categories.”

“Swasthnist provides the best nutrition services, advising clients on a variety of health issues in regaining maximum health.”

Current Eating Habits

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Nutrition Strategies

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Your View of ‘Healthy’

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Expert Guidelines

Healthy Eating Consists of Three Primary Principles

“Come in and seek out evidence-based nutrition you won’t discover anywhere else at Swasthnist.”


"Best in the business Having deep knowledge in nutritional science and exercise Really helpful for those want to get fit and fine Highly recommended ✌"

Dr.Rajvardhan Bhadre

"A good and simple human being Loved her behavior, Best choice to loose and gain weight if you are searching for a dietitian."

Naweed Samar

"She is amazing....had an wonderful experience with her. I had lost my weight which I targeted with the support and guidance with Simran. keep it up Simran."

Bhavika Dubey

"I had a very great experience with maam. She understood my lifestyle and workout and accordingly she gave me the diet plans. I recommend her consultancy!!"

Siddharth Chavan

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Swasthnist Needs offers various expertise services to enhance the wellbeing of the society.To take advantage of “Nutrition-as-a-service” via ‘Swasthnist’ provided by Swasthnist, contact us today!

    Extraordinary Knowledge

    Why You Should Choose Swasthnist ?

    Mrs. Simran Chhattani, the founder of Swasthnist, is a highly-acknowledged Clinical Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian, and Certified Coach from Pune with over 5 years of expertise.

    7 Years of Professional Expertise

    Clinical Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian, Corporate Nutritionist, Academician, Certified NLP Coach, REBT & EFT Practitioner.

    Excellent Guidance

    Mrs. Simran Chhattani worked extensively with leading IVF specialists as a consultant clinical nutritionist, providing fertility diets for such patients with difficulties and infertility concerns with a high success rate.

    100% Assured

    With a high success rate of patient outcomes, Mrs. Simran Chhattani assisted over 5,000 patients in weight management using the sophisticated evidence-based principles of Dietetic practice.

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